Seattle Kraken’s Chris Driedger Has The Best Helmet In NHL History

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Seattle Kraken goalie Chris Driedger recently (4 months ago) rocked the best helmet in NHL history. This helmet is straight fire! I know that many of you have probably seen this but it cannot go unnoticed on the Kraken Chronicle.

Something would be wrong if we did not feature this at some point.

Driedger’s helmet is the ultimate tribute to Seattle and more importantly two of the most iconic musicians in history. The front of his helmet features a Kraken colored guitar neck. The right side has the Kraken logo, the an artists conception of the Seattle skyline (mainly the Space Needle), and then a beautifully done tribute the the great Kurt Cobain.

The likeness is incredible.

The left side of the helmet features the same Kraken logo and artists’ conception of the Seattle skyline, and then an amazing tribute to older and younger Pearl Jam front man, Eddie Vedder.

Even though Dreidger has been on injured reserve and then placed on waivers, he has been getting ice time with the Kraken’s minor league team the Coachella Valley Firebirds. Chris Dreidger is an original Kraken Expansion Draft pick. He already should go down in Kraken history as a fun and random trivia question, but now should be immortalized in Kraken history as having the best helmet design, ever.

Enjoy looking at this beauty. The Kraken play tomorrow night in Game 3 of the second round. Stay tuned for the rerelease of the Game 3 preview tomorrow morning. Props to
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Fear the deep!