Is It Time to Give Chris Driedger The Kraken Net?

Goaltending has been an issue plaguing the Seattle Kraken this season. Is it time for Chris Driedger to take the net?

Philipp Grubauer has started all but three games this season, and the team may need a change in net to get them out of their current slump. The team’s number two, Chris Driedger, has only played twice and his only start was back on November 9th in a 4-2 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. The team has lost five straight and at the center of that streak is some shaky goaltending.

Grubauer ranks 49th out of the league’s 61 goalies in GAA with a 3.18. Driedger isn’t far behind him, but he doesn’t have a large enough sample size to make a fair comparison. When it comes to save percentage, Grubauer is 58th out of 61 with .877. Again, Driedger can’t be compared fairly.

Driedger proved himself as a regular NHL starter last season with the Florida Panthers where he had a winning record, 2.07 GAA, and a .927 save percentage. It stands to reason that if Driedger gets more chances to start, he’ll return to his regular form.

What About Joey Daccord?

Joey Daccord has the other two starts this season, which came earlier in the season when Driedger was on the IR. Daccord struggled, posting a 4.06 GAA in two losses. Since going to Charlotte, he’s garnered a winning record, a 2.38 GAA, and a .919 save percentage.

In order for Daccord to be recalled from Charlotte, either Grubauer or Driedger needs to be injured. Both goalies have spent more than 30 days in the NHL which means they would have to clear waivers if they get sent to the minors. The Kraken won’t want to take the chance of losing either goalie as Grubauer was a Vezina finalist last year and Driedger was a breakout star in Florida.

Daccord has the luxury of going up and down between leagues but the Kraken can’t take advantage of their current situation. When Daccord played in the preseason he showed promise but it’s become clear that he may need some more time to develop.

With the Kraken in the middle of a five-game losing streak, it may be time to give the number two a chance. Sometimes it only takes changing the starter to kick the team into gear and take them out of a slump that could dash their playoff hopes.