Kraken Expansion Draft: Who could be taken from the Vancouver Canucks

The Seattle Kraken expansion draft should be an interesting one when the Vancouver Canucks pick arrives.

In the lead-up to the Seattle Kraken’s NHL Expansion Draft, we here at the Kraken Chronicle will look at all 30 teams and who could be taken from each. In this edition, we take a look at the  Vancouver Canucks.

The protection lists are officially out, meaning that we are able to paint a clearer picture of who the Kraken are choosing from. When it gets down to the Canucks, it’s interesting seeing that their roster of talent is mostly protected, leading to the Kraken having to get creative in hopes of finding themselves a steal.

G Braden Holtby

Many have believed that when the time comes, Braden Holtby could be the Marc-Andre Fleury of this NHL Expansion Draft. After a poor first season with the Canucks, it could be still possible if the Canucks would be willing to eat some salary or send some compensation towards the Kraken to do so. The rumors have stated that Holtby still has interest around the league as a bounce-back candidate.

That’s something that the Kraken would need to be confident with if so. Seeing that there are a number of great goalies available now, they would be taking Holtby with confidence he can return to form. In 21 games for the Canucks, Holtby went 7-11-3 with a 3.67 goals-against average and .889 save percentage. All very bad numbers for the former Vezina Trophy winner. Perhaps Vancouver just is not for him and a new team would help fix his problems.

This is possible as long as the Kraken are not taking back all of the money of his contract.

F Kole Lind

The second pick of the second round in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft Kole Lind has not found his footing in the NHL as of yet. After being unprotected by the Canucks for the upcoming NHL Expansion Draft, he could be one that entices the Kraken to take him. The young forward has seven NHL games to his name and in doing so, has zero points to show for it.

That being said, the 22-year-old could be a player the Kraken view as one who can find their potential with them. Many teams around the league are wondering as to whether or not the Kraken will be aiming to go young with most of their picks or try to contend instantly. Either way, Lind should be one to watch.

F Matthew Highmore

Matthew Highmore is still trying to catch on in the NHL as his career so far has not been one to be too excited about just yet. Highmore has played 91 games between his time with the Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks, totaling seven goals and eight assists for 15 points.

There have been flashes for Highmore so far with a good shot especially. At only 25 years old still, it’s difficult to believe we have seen what Highmore can really bring to the table. The Kraken could be feeling the same way, which is why we believe this could be an interesting pick for them.

The most games he has played in an NHL season is 42. If he was given full playing time, this could be a solid fourth-liner for the Kraken, which is always a good thing as we have seen with teams who contend. Highmore isn’t the “sexy” pick but could be the smart one with little money and potential still there.