Kraken Expansion Draft: Who could be taken from the Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks are in a decent position for the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft, but could there be a few options that Kraken could pick to benefit them? We break it down.

In the lead-up to the Seattle Kraken’s NHL Expansion Draft, we here at the Kraken Chronicle will look at all 30 teams and who could be taken from each. In this edition, we take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks.

With the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft just around the corner, we are seeing teams make deals around the league to better set themselves up for this season. Chicago Blackhawks dealt away Duncan Keith and his NMC to Edmonton Oilers for Caleb Jones and a 3rd round pick. This allows Chicago to not have to protect Keith with his NMC and possibly use a protection spot on their new young defender Caleb Jones. Chicago’s team itself is in a pretty good position already for this expansion draft.

Their young stars in Dach, Suter, Boqvist, Kubalik, Nylander are all exempt from this expansion draft. But we will dive into three options who could have an impact on Seattle Krakens roster.

Malcolm Subban (G)

First round drafted goalies are rare around the NHL. Brother of PK Subban, Malcom Subban was selected 24th overall by the Boston Bruins in 2012. He went on to play for Team Canada in 2013 for the World Juniors Championship. His transition into the NHL hasn’t been as smooth as hoped for from his former teams. Often lacking consistency, he has found his way more into a back up roll.

Goalies are known for being late developers as we see breakout years happen for mid-20 year old goalies all the time. Subban is 27yo and probably on the end of that window, but with a pedigree he had in juniors, it might be worth a gamble to see if he can transition his game into an NHL starting goalie.

Calvin De Haan (D)

Calvin De Haan is likely the odd man out of the protection list with presumably Jones, Zadorov and Murphy slotting a head of him. De Haan just turned 30 this spring but has been a very solid shut down style D for his career. He was a former 12th overall pick back in 2009, and has not shown decline yet in his play.

De Haan does come with a 4.55m tag, but it expires in 2022. At worst I think he could be a good shut down D you could pair with a younger or offensive style D. At best he could be a very desirable trade option for them to offload for picks or prospects, as these style of defenders are desirable around the NHL.

Vinny Hinostroza (F)

Vinny Hinostroza had a bit off an off year last year. Only playing 26 games and posting 12 points. Healthy he usually generates above 0.5 points per game and can be used to slide up and down a lineup.

He’s often overlooked because of his size at 5’9”, he plays more or an offensive style of game. Posting a GAR (goals against replacement) of 2.9 which ranks sixth among his team, he would make for a good utility style forward who can play bottom six,  but wouldn’t look out of place in the top six if needed.