Seattle Kraken should target Dougie Hamilton this summer

The Seattle Kraken should pursue Dougie Hamilton this summer.

In just one month, the Seattle Kraken will finally be able to build their team through the Expansion Draft. However, from July 18 to 21, they will also be able to speak with unrestricted free agents. Dougie Hamilton is the perfect candidate for this. With his tenure with the Hurricanes in severe jeopardy, the Kraken should be contacting him.

From the very beginning of his career, Hamilton has been a highly productive offensive defenseman. Since joining the Hurricanes, he has upped his game to an entirely new level. He not only has seen a significant increase in his point production but also has become far more reliable on the backend. That is why it is still a bit shocking that the Hurricanes have yet to extend him.

Bringing in an elite player like Hamilton would show the NHL that the Kraken is aiming to be a real threat. Hamilton is easily one of the best right-handed defensemen in the league. Thus, this is an opportunity they absolutely need to be aggressive with.

The Kraken has a significant advantage over other teams.

Although Hamilton is a very gifted hockey player, he has already been on three teams in only nine seasons. With his next contract, he could be looking for as many years as possible. Seeing that the Kraken having permission to sign unrestricted free agents to 8-year contracts, this should be quite alluring to Hamilton.

Large contracts can come with a lot of risks, it is important to remember that Hamilton is also only 28 years old. If all goes well for him health-wise, he has a plethora of time left in his prime. He also has shown significant progression over the last handful of seasons, too, which should interest the Kraken that much more.

The Kraken also have an advantage when it comes to their available salary. This is especially the case if they can agree to a contract with Hamilton before the Expansion Draft commences. This will allow them to build their team with the remaining salary they have left, which will still be a rather large total.

The Kraken’s general manager, Ron Francis, also has a deep connection with the Hurricanes. He is one of their biggest legends and even worked for the team. Therefore, if they were to try to go down the sign-and-trade route, this could give the Kraken a slight edge over other franchises.

Overall, there is no question that a Hamilton signing would bring great joy to Kraken fans. He is the perfect player to quarterback the team’s power-play with his marvelous passing ability.

A player as skilled as Hamilton does not become available often, so this is a grand chance for the Kraken to kick off their inaugural season.