Seattle Kraken: Could We Luck Into Freddie Andersen For Free?

When building a new team, you want a solid foundation; for the Seattle Kraken, stumbling into Freddie Andersen for free would be a huge stroke of luck.

Of course, as with all things Seattle Kraken, we are still purely speculating. However, with Jack Campbell staking his claims to the Toronto Maple Leafs net with a 9-0-0 start; it’s seeming like Andersen may go unprotected.

At the start of the season, it was almost unthinkable that Jack Campbell would be trumping Freddie Andersen for protection in Toronto. Right now though, we’d be expecting Campbell to be assured protection and the Leafs risking Andersen.

Indeed, risking Andersen isn’t the worst idea either. The primary reason being that he is hitting free agency this summer. Equally, he’s also been offering diminishing returns to his team – his save percentage has dropped every year of the past three.

As a player that the Leafs were christening as their first true number one in a long while, it may prove a disappointing end. Prior to this season, he’d have been commanding a strong $5-6 million cap hit on a new deal.

Right now, he’d be struggling to get that much value on a new deal and unlikely much term. New surroundings might actually prove what he needs – that’s where the Seattle Kraken come into it. Free agency or exposure in the Expansion Draft certainly sound enticing to us!

Should the Seattle Kraken pursue him?

Simply put, yes. He’s a proven number one, albeit one that seems to have his struggles; perhaps with confidence in the players in front of him.

It certainly seems the Toronto Maple Leafs play with a different level of comfort in front of Jack Campbell, after all.

Where he would fit very well with the Seattle Kraken is in a true 1A/1B pairing, splitting the schedule 41 apiece. Partnering Andersen with another proven starter, of which there will be a few available, would be a smart move by Ron Francis.

Imagining a goalie pairing of Jake Allen and Freddie Andersen, ably supported by Adin Hill. That’s one mighty impressive grouping. It’s a different approach to Vegas’ Fleury with a couple of unproven backups, but it’s the right approach right now.

At the end of the day, Freddie Andersen, regardless of his struggles is still a proven performer. His game has flaws, namely his five-hole, but building the right defense in front of him, he’s an absolute freebie steal.

What’s even more enticing; perhaps the Leafs don’t end up renewing before free agency. Perhaps it means we can set about stealing two players; one at the Expansion Draft and one via free agency. We will all but certain have some cap space going spare.

A combo of Travis Dermott, whatever pieces the Leafs throw in to protect Justin Holl and Freddie Andersen would represent great business by Ron Francis.