Seattle Kraken: Adin Hill Shouldn’t Be The Consensus Pick From Arizona

Adin Hill is regularly touted as the perfect Seattle Kraken pick from the Arizona Coyotes; countless mock drafts are picking the young goalie, but why?

As a 24 year-old goaltender standing at 6’6″, it makes a certain degree of sense. However, to straight-up set our hearts on picking Hill might see the Seattle Kraken overlooking other interesting options.

You only need be looking at the likes of Jordan Oesterle, Niklas Hjalmarsson and Alex Goligoski (possibly) on the blue-line to see there’s some talent they may be exposing. Equally, Johan Larsson or Christian Fischer would be worth a look among the forwards.

What’s more; all five of those names have more NHL playing experience than Adin Hill. What the Seattle Kraken would be selecting with Hill is potential, which is always a risk in the goalie position.

Is Adin Hill worth the risk for the Seattle Kraken?

There’s always two stories. There’s the likes of Jordan Binnington, who came from nowhere to lead the Blues to the Cup. Then there’s the likes of Garrett Sparks, who was dominant in the AHL but couldn’t get it together in the big-time.

Using our Arizona Coyotes pick on Adin Hill should be reliant on a few things. Firstly, that all the relevant scouting says we’re not missing a trick when it comes to the available players in Arizona.

Secondly, we need assurances that our coaching staff see the right assets and are envisioning a future 1B goalie at the very least. Anything less than that makes the move almost pointless; there will be countless traditional backup and third-choice guys available.

His basic stats in the AHL don’t read like he was doing anything too special; a goals against average of 2.69 and save percentage of 0.909 aren’t exactly worth writing home about.

However, it should be noted that he is maintaining near-identical numbers in his 36-game NHL career. This certainly would be suggesting there’s an NHL-quality player under the mask.Herein lies the biggest challenge for Ron Francis.

Picking Adin Hill and having him turn out as little more than a traditional backup would represent a failed pick. However, not picking the 24 year-old and seeing him turn into a bonafide number one for the Coyotes long-term would be an equally poor outcome.

While Adin Hill shouldn’t be the first name on the Seattle Kraken list. That’s not to say we shouldn’t put him on the list though.

Hopefully the scouting team are doing their homework and ensuring he is the best possible option and not just the young goalie option!