Seattle Kraken: Official Beer Partners Leave A Bitter Taste

In naming their official beer partners recently, the Seattle Kraken may have made their first misstep.

Since naming the Seattle Kraken as team number 32, the NHL has seen them hardly put a foot wrong. Hence why it was so surprising that they ended up opting for Coors Light and Hop Valley Brewing Company as official beer partners.

Given the Seattle and Pacific Northwest regions have a penchant for brewing some amazing craft beer, these decisions feel questionable at best. Likewise coffee, though no decisions seem to have been made there yet.

Picking a rather bland domestic beer partner shouldn’t be altogether surprising. The Seattle Kraken will no doubt be focusing on appealing to the masses and not just craft beer fans.

However, picking Hop Valley Brewing Company as the craft beer partner is the decision leaving a bitter taste. Craft beer, for so many people, should be independently-owned and not produced on ridiculous commercial scales.

Why such a problem with Hop Valley?

Without MillersCoor buying Hop Valley a few years back, we’d have no issue. It has roots stemming from a history as a craft beer. However, now by selling off to a mass-producer, it’s lost some appeal. Hardly a great advertisement for local independent brewers.

Looking on their doorstep, there are so many better options. Yes, they may not be able to produce to the necessary scale, but why not be looking at something unique. Why not set about trialing rotating craft beer taps; get several of your local, independent brewers into the spotlight?!

What about tying into the message we’re pushing with the Climate Pledge Arena?

Picking someone like Fremont Brewing would’ve be a very wily and socially-conscious decision. Not only is the Climate Pledge Arena seeking to be green but so are the people we’re partnering with.

Countless other local and independent options exist and would no doubt be keen for the backing. In fact, we’re sure they’re other people producing their beer equally as sustainable as Fremont.

Indeed, maybe this was the hope and the local guys simply couldn’t commit to the volumes required to satiate an entire hockey crowd’s thirst night after night.

Whatever the case may be, this is feeling like a missed opportunity or at the very least a business decision that may need further explaining.

The missteps have been few and far between; meaning this one hurts a lot. Especially because it involves beer – it’s leaving a very bitter tatse.