Seattle Kraken: Twitter Account Just Scored Itself An Upgrade

The Seattle Kraken have just passed another milestone, with an upgrade to their Twitter account that firmly recognizes us as the NHL’s 32nd franchise.

As with all teams in the league, the Seattle Kraken have already firmly realized the value of their social media accounts. Indeed, Everett Fitzhugh in lieu of any playing staff, has been doing a great job keeping fans informed and entertained.

However, we’re not necessarily talking content here. The tell-tale of any big-name sports team is having their logo turned into an emoji.

Attached said emoji to a team-relevant hashtag is, in fairness, the pinnacle of where you can get to on Twitter as a pro sports team. And it’s finally happened:

Frustratingly, it doesn’t seem to appear on the embedded Tweet, but by clicking it – you can see on Twitter.

One simple Tweet from the official Seattle Kraken account. Nothing clever, nothing fancy. Unfortunately for the team, the term #Kraken wasn’t an option, but #SEAKraken is just as good.

Call us crazy for celebrating such a minor thing, but what it does is significant. We’re part of the NHL family now.

For us, it means our suggestions of adding Jordan Kawaguchi will be reaching, hopefully, far more Seattle Kraken followers on Twitter. It also means our mock drafts will be open to far more questioning.

It’s a positive thing; it’s a sense of community. Not something the Kraken have been lacking, but it’s still big!!

The Kraken have already come a long way from the generic NHL Seattle account that was their beginnings on Twitter. Now, not only do we have a hashtag with an emoji, the account itself is also @SeattleKraken. The social media branding has set about growing as the team branding does.

This is only the start, of course, but the future is looking ever brighter. Small wins for a fledgling team. Small wins!

Surely it’s only a matter of time before they’re attaching the new hashtag to a signing announcement!!