Seattle Kraken: How Many Goalies Should We Look To Add?

As well as the obvious issue of player choices, the Seattle Kraken must decide how many goalies they actually want to snap up in the Expansion Draft.

Obviously, the suggestion would be that the Seattle Kraken add two goalies at the Expansion Draft. Following that, you populate their AHL team with goalies available at free agency.

You only need look at the fact one of the best goalies in the AHL in recent years is now in the ECHL. That certainly points to there being good minor-league candidates that would be available.

Simply put, that is one approach that is very much worthy of looking at. However, this Expansion Draft could see some very high-calibre goalies available. Do you approach it slightly differently and grab three or four.

Take a scenario where the Canadiens leave Carey Price available; there’s no chance he’s left on the table. Heck, even in the more likely scenario it’s Jake Allen; you’re probably still taking him.

Add to the mix the likelihood that Braden Holtby will be available from the Vancouver Canucks. Likewise, one of Antti Raanta or Darcy Kuemper in Arizona. Straight up, that’s three high-calibre goalies the Seattle Kraken could own.

This approach obviously means that there’s an oversupply for our team, as none of those mentioned could be waived. However, we could play it to our advantage and essentially act as a trading middle-man.

Take the best goalies we can; three or four of them. Pick the ones we want to be keeping and find trades for the others. The goalie market may be hard to judge, but it certainly is worth bearing this idea in mind.

Maybe one of those goalies becomes a second-pairing defenseman or a second-line winger that we couldn’t find at the Expansion Draft.

I’m not suggesting that the Seattle Kraken should be looking beyond maybe four goalies, but it’s a novel approach.

The big issue I foresee is if teams get wise to them and aren’t willing to pay the price in trades. Then the Kraken are stuck with a roster carrying four goalies. Either that, or they’re giving at least one up for nothing.

So much is being spoken about who they draft; maybe we also need to look at how they’ll draft. Ron Francis is a smart cookie; maybe the Seattle Kraken will set about surprising us all with this kind of thinking.