Seattle Kraken: Climate Pledge Arena Pays Homage

Taking a historical arena down is easy. Piecing it back together is what’s hard. When the Seattle Kraken arrives at the new Climate Pledge Arena, the glass on the outside of the building will tether the history from the Seattle Center Coliseum.

Three years ago, KeyArena’s status was up in the air. KeyArena was a music venue for many huge concerts, the home of the Seattle Supersonics, and recently home to the Seattle Storm. Then, KeyArena was torn down.

At the time, the focus was to build a standalone facility in Seattle regardless of the introduction of a new NBA or NHL franchise. Similar to KeyArena, the new facility would be for entertainment or sports.

KeyArena’s final year was in 2018 after the Seattle Storm won the 2018 WNBA Finals. Unanimously, the Seattle City Council voted to approve the proposal of a $700mil renovation, which included demolishing KeyArena. Two years later, Amazon purchased the naming rights to the project arena. Climate Pledge Arena was the decided name from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, as a call to action for climate change.

Progress has been made on Climate Pledge Arena so that the Seattle Kraken can call it home for the 2021-2022 season. More recently, the original 1962 glass windows from the Seattle Center Coliseum were installed as the exterior of Climate Pledge Arena. The builders who are carefully putting this new arena together have mixed in a little bit of Seattle heritage.

Piecing together the historical fabric of the Seattle Center Coliseum into Climate Pledge Arena makes the Seattle Kraken a natural fit in Seattle sports. Yes, they are already because of the city they will play in but paying homage to history before them gives a stronger feeling of belonging. Seattle welcomed the Supersonics and the Storm with open arms. The Kraken will not be any different.

Both the Seattle Supersonics and Seattle Storm have won the championships of their respective leagues. In 1979, the Supersonics won the NBA Finals. The first time the Storm won the WNBA Finals was in 2004. Inside of Climate Pledge Arena, the Seattle Kraken will hope to continue the winning trend of the Seattle sports franchises by capturing the Stanley Cup.

When fans who attended games at the Seattle Center Coliseum arrive at Climate Pledge Arena, they will feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. As they park their cars outside of Climate Pledge Arena to tailgate Seattle Kraken games, the arena will serve as a new twist on the historic Seattle Center Coliseum.