Seattle Kraken: Throwing “The Book” At Their Future

Aside from the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft, the Seattle Kraken has already pieced together a blueprint to welcome their new roster. Bringing hockey back to Seattle means openly accomodating the arrival of great hockey minds to hit the ice smoothly.

Get excited! The Seattle Kraken is just only about eleven months away from officially entering the NHL. Until then, the challenge ahead of the Kraken becomes being fully prepared for the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft through a condensed 2020-2021 season.

Gary Bettman mentioned before the first pick of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft that the 2020-2021 season is aiming for a January 1st, 2021 start date. In two and a half months, the NHL will be back with its new season. Everything seems to be stuck on fast-forward, and the Seattle Kraken are adapting to the stressful timeframes.

An easy and seamless transition for players to the Seattle Kraken is the foundation to a successful first season. Players will already be removed from franchises they are familiar with. The Kraken, as an expansion team, acts as a goulash of players who’ve mostly never played together before. Everything is unfamiliar, which is why it’s a team effort from Seattle to make the relocation of players painless.

General Manager Ron Francis and Assistant General Manager Ricky Olczyk have been scouting for as long as they’ve been viewing hockey. That’s not the challenge. What makes this 2021 NHL Expansion Draft tough is constructing a plan for the arrival of those scouted players in a pandemic driven sports world.

The plan will be featured in a guide provided by the Seattle Kraken. That guide is known internally as “The Book.” Featured is a straightforward plan for things such as housing and schooling in Seattle. Once a player is selected in the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft, they’ll have a month to relocate.

Right now, the Seattle Kraken is working hard on designating Paine Field as the home airport with a Northgate Mall team headquarters site. It’s also important to the Kraken that they’re able to assist the significant others or wives of the players with the appropriate resources to get them settled during the relocation.

“The Book” will be available to the new players, staff, and front office who are relocating to Seattle by mid-2021. The Seattle Kraken is doing the best planning they can during the current sports climate. It’s all a part of becoming the newest NHL franchise during unique times.