Seattle Kraken: Gritty Should Be Our Mascot Goal

If you are going to do something new, do it big! When the Seattle Kraken enter the NHL, they’ll need a mascot to accompany the name of the team.

So far, the Seattle Kraken has been on the mark with their marketing, but constructing a mascot sets the tone for a brand’s first impression.

Look no further than the Philadelphia Flyers when they introduced Gritty to the hockey world and became the measuring stick of team hockey mascots.

Gritty captivated the world, extending his reach past the hockey universe. The Philadelphia Flyers mascot became the undisputed best in the NHL.

It is honestly a travesty that Gritty was not voted the NHL’s best mascot in a fan vote. While that result is more of a testament to how many fans from a particular fanbase voted in that specific poll, no other mascot has touched Gritty’s popularity. Any sports franchise needs to make Gritty’s popularity their mascot goal.

A year from now, the Seattle Kraken will take the ice for the first time in the NHL. That means there is more than enough time to get creative! Speaking of Gritty, he provided his take on what the Kraken mascot would look like:

With a concept like that, Gritty knows that he is the gold standard of a professional sports mascot. It is a way of saying, “do your best, Seattle.” The Kraken is more than just an octopus. According to its folklore, the Kraken has to be a monster.

There is nothing small or playful that comes to mind when you hear the word “Kraken.” To ensure that the mascot gives a strong impression, it has to stand out from the rest of the pack.

In a city that identifies with this mythological creature, there is no room for error. The Seattle Kraken mascot must be a spectacle.

A Monsterous Idea

Imagine for a moment that the mascot is larger than your average. An idea that comes to my attention is the shark mouth that is featured when the San Jose Sharks arrive on the ice. That concept is unique to that team and stands out from the rest of the league. Now, let’s take it a step further.

The Kraken needs to be humongous. My concept that I propose is a mascot that is controlled by multiple people. In a way, the unveiling of the Seattle Kraken mascot would involve a synchronized skating routine to work correctly.

In the middle, on the head of the Kraken, would be the red eyes featured on the primary team logo. A deep-sea blue color of the body would extend through eight different tentacles. At the end of each tentacle would be a person who skates around the ice, moving each extremity.

The size of the Kraken mascot should hover around a third to half of the hockey rink. Coupling this with a light show and heavy rock music makes for a spectacle between intermission or before player introductions.

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I would be willing to bet if this concept is executed correctly, the performance would go viral. Gritty was an internet sensation because of his nightmarish appearance. If the Seattle Kraken wants to hit it big with their mascot, they’ll have to do something that has not been done before.