Seattle Kraken: Recent Leafs Contract Renewal Just An Expansion Ploy

The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Denis Malgin for another year and it seems this decision is wholly related to the Seattle Kraken.

Of course, it’s easy to view things with this manner of thinking as a fan of the Seattle Kraken. However, everything adds up. It’s not as if Denis Malgin set the world on fire with the Toronto Maple Leafs last year.

In fact, the sheer fact he’s earning league-minimum money, it definitely feels like he’s fodder for their unprotected list.

This is a player that missed out on a roster spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs bubble. Safe to say the Maple Leafs don’t really need to worry too much about him. The deal doesn’t exactly stand up with the Kasperi Kapanen trade earlier this post-season.

All up between the Florida Panthers and Maple Leafs, Malgin has 28 goals and 60 points in 192 NHL games. He is the epitome of a low-end roster player; he’s ideal for the bottom-six but isn’t going to break-out any time soon.

Heading into the Expansion Draft, the Seattle Kraken will absolutely be looking for cheap deals like his. However, they’ll be looking for players like William Karlsson that can turn into 40-goal players given the chance.

It’s all but a guarantee Denis Malgin is going to be an option for the Seattle Kraken. Aside from him, the options will likely be Pierre Engvall, Adam Brooks, maybe Jeremy Bracco.

Given the Maple Leafs’ roster with the talent on offer, it’s actually quite surprising they’ll get away with not giving up much to the Kraken! It was the same last time out too; Brendan Leipsic was the pick-up for the Vegas Golden Knights then.

Expect far more low-key contract renewals in the next few months. Not just for the Maple Leafs but across the league, expect teams to limit the options for the Seattle Kraken.

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Of course, we could be wrong and this could all be a ploy for a bigger trade rather than a decision driven by the upcoming Expansion Draft!