Seattle Kraken: Huge Risk Our Team Mascot Might Underwhelm

The Seattle Kraken run a huge risk that any team mascot may end up underwhelming, especially given the slightly grungy styling of the team so far.

The traditional route for a team mascot is typically a giant fuzzy costume. Hence the challenge for the Seattle Kraken. A monstrous mythological sea beast doesn’t exactly lend itself to cute and fuzzy.

It’s fair to say that Gritty upped the bar for new mascots to the NHL when he debuted. The Seattle Kraken are unlikely to be able to replicate that. This is fine though.

Perhaps the biggest concern is that they either try to make a kraken cute or they go with some vague link like the Maple Leafs and Carlton The Bear.

Obviously, if they go down the cute and fuzzy route, perhaps the only reasonable choice would be some sort of pirate. Honestly though, that feels rather minor-league and would detract from such strong branding thus far.

Gritty himself offered his own personal suggestion for our mascot. You have to be a little concerned it will be something similar, if they wrong people make the decision:

Of course, there’s always a chance the Jerry Bruckheimer tie-in leads to a Pirates Of The Caribbean option. Again though, it feels like we might Disney-fy a brand that is attempting not to be more of the same old, same old.

You would hope that the team actually opt to embrace the grungy and gritty nature of the kraken. Build a mascot that may be a little intimidating to look at. Maybe something a little too realistic for the younger members of the audience.

Go with a different approach from what might be seen as normal among sporting mascots. Heck, McDonald’s make a clown work, even if people find them creepy!

It will certainly be a hard balance to find something that isn’t tremendously cheesy. Equally, something that is properly related and lends to the story the Seattle Kraken want to tell.

How far in either direction will the Seattle Kraken go?

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Maybe they opt not to bother with a team mascot. Maybe that’s one of the ways this team wants to stand out from the crowd. Time will tell. Personally, if it’s not Davy Jones, we needn’t bother!