Seattle Kraken: Serious Mistake Not To Have A Coffee Partner

The Seattle Kraken recently announced a an official rum partner in Kraken Rum. We envisage an official coffee partner surely shouldn’t be too far off.

This may be a little challenging for the Seattle Kraken as the league has an official partner in Dunkin’ Donuts. Founded in Seattle and with their head office just a four-mile drive from the Climate Pledge Arena, there has to be some appeal in approaching Starbucks.

It’s a bit of a tricky one on the business side with the NHL. The league is obliged to support their official partner Dunkin’ Donuts, after all.

You’ve got players like Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon who film adverts for Tim Horton’s. They are official coffee partners of certain players (so to speak). Maybe there is a precedent for a team coffee partner?

You can easily imagine Starbucks outlets on the concourse of the Climate Pledge Arena. Starbucks may not be the best coffee.

However, they have such strong roots in the local area and with it’s mass appeal, it makes a lot of sense. The hockey season after all, does start in pumpkin latte season!

There’s such a coffee culture within the city that you’d doubt that your typical Kraken fan will be too pleased if they’re stuck with a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at the game. Of course, beer or rum is always a game-day option too!

If they don’t go down that route, expect small hipster-style coffee chains, you’d have to imagine, dotted around the concourse areas.

To not take this idea to the league and really push it would be selling Seattle fans short. I think the Kraken management will likely be pursuing their options here.

Gameday coffee is a must for the players and coaches. For the typical Seattle Kraken fan heading to the rink after finishing a long working day, maybe it’s a must before an intermission beer too? Or a second period rum for that matter.

We have to trust that the Seattle Kraken will pursue this. The Kraken brand looks for mass appeal; pumpkin lattes and Starbucks have that.