Seattle Kraken: A Future Heritage Jersey Designs Itself

We’ve been in the market of different jersey concepts to suit the Seattle Kraken.

A heritage sweater would be the most exclusive apparel the Seattle Kraken has to offer. Chiefly as a pattern and style made to tell a visual story of Seattle hockey are a must-have. The Kraken has the chance to push their brand with an old-school touch.

Understanding the design concept for a heritage Seattle Kraken jersey means looking  back to the original hockey team from Seattle. Indeed, the Seattle Metropolitans were a part of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association for nine years.

Though the franchise lasted less than a decade, the Seattle Metropolitans won five PCHA championships. They played for the Stanley Cup three times, between 1916 and 1920. In fact, they were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup.

Now, the Seattle Kraken is the next Seattle franchise to have an chance to compete for the Stanley Cup.

Looking at the Seattle Metropolitans jerseys, the Seattle Kraken’s color scheme fits the mold. The Metropolitans had a striped jersey (red, green, and white) alternating from shoulder to waist.

If the Kraken were to mimic this design, they would have a navy blue, aquamarine, and white striped design from top to bottom.

Both the Seattle Metropolitans and Seattle Kraken have an “S” in their primary logo. The Metropolitans logo was a red “S” with white text that read “Seattle” inside of the letter.

For the Kraken, it would be smart to disregard the primary logo and use the Metropolitans “S” letter logo, but with text reading “Kraken” instead.

Usually a heritage jersey is put aside for unique attraction games played in an outdoor arena. The Seattle Kraken could have a throwback night to wear these heritage sweaters.

Above all, a homage to the Seattle Metropolitans would be a nice nod to the previous success of Seattle hockey.

In all likelihood, I would bet the Kraken would streamline a heritage design during a milestone year of the franchise. Perhaps that could happen a decade into the NHL at the earliest.